Audience feedback

I asked different people within my audience demographic to do a reaction style video where they all are watching the final draft for the very first time which meant that their reaction is genuine and I can see how they react since it is a video.


Side by side – Digipak drafts

There were many things I changed for my final draft of the digipak…

  • I changed the colour balance levels to make it appear more blue rather than the yellow hue like the first draft. The yellow made the image appear too washed out so I fixed this by decreasing the brightness and increase the contrast levels.  the image used for the front cover.
  • I changed the font of the album name “Fine” primarily due to it looking weird on the magazine adverts. The font was too hard to read on the adverts so I changed it to “Nettizen” and added a grey title behind the yellow to make it easier to read.
  • The other text on the front cover are a grey colour rather than the black as this fit better with the overall colour scheme – the title of the album is grey thus, I made all text within the digipak a grey colour too.
  • The place the CD will be placed has been made smaller so that it fits within the blue borders around it as I thought this made the page look neater and put together. I also decreased the opacity of the yellow and blue used as I thought the previous shades were too harsh and did not look pastel-like I wanted them to.
  • I added the blue border for the credits page too (like the CD insert page) so that there is a more unified look on the middle pages of the digipak. Having a border makes everything neater and fills in some of the blank space I had in my first draft.
  • I changed the font of the credits page too as I realised there were too many fonts used throughout the entire digipak and this was not giving the unified look I wanted to have. The font used in the final draft is the same font used on the front page for the “Third album” and “AKMU”.
  • The image of the back page is also blue like the image of the front cover and it is not as dark as it was before. I added the barcode to the back page as this is where you normally find the barcode of items.


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Feedback on raw footage

Sarah Manaz

From having seen the raw footage that Mina has filmed so far, it is evident that she knows exactly what she is doing and has a clear plan with what sort of theme she is aiming for. I like the variation of shots used like the close-ups of each actor outdoors and the duration of these clips will be useful as she can cut them and use the separated sections at different parts of the music video. There is a good amount of movement in the shots that have been recorded which provide slightly different angles and positions of the subject in frame which makes it look highly professional as it will look like she has used several cameras and set them up in different positions to capture the same shot. Most of the footage seems to be in focus and for those that aren’t entirely focused, Mina fixed the camera by manually focusing it which means she will be able to use most of the footage she has filmed by simply trimming the non-focused parts. Some things I would note on is the shakiness of some scenes that she may want to stabilise during the editing stages to prevent the shot from looking unprofessional and like a home made video. Secondly, some of the footage is overly exposed and too bright/too dark so once again, I think fixing these in the software she will be using is a good way to fix the issue. There is a good balance of screen time between both actors which is important as that is what would be expected of a director who choses to have two main characters in a music video. Maybe try and film more footage that takes place outdoors as most of the footage are shot indoors – adding more varied locations will help keep the audience’s attention on the music video. I particularly like the shot of the food colouring changing the colour of the water and I think having footage of physical objects is another good idea that Mina should use more as it adds more variation to what the audience see. It is obvious that the music video will be one that tells a story as the footage changes from the actors playing with toys to going to sleep and having filmed scenes that signify such things is a good way to tell the story.

I think adding some long shots would also be another improvement to work on for times when a new location is being introduced to set the scene – similar to how movies and TV shows use long shots to inform the audience of what is happening. I like how the story appears to be a simple one and this is partly due to Mina having used two characters and not introduced anymore.

Side by side – Magazine adverts

Below is a slideshow of the different versions of the magazine advert that I have created throughout time and I believe that I successfully addressed the parts of the magazine that was not liked after I received audience feedback for my magazine advert drafts. Specifically, the images are not washed out like they are in the first drafts with the colours of the lighting used (blue fairy lights) being more prominent than before. The font of the album name “fine” is also something that has changed as the previous font was not so easy to read or a unique enough font that would catch one’s eyes. The new font is called “Nettizen” and I downloaded it from I copy and pasted the text twice so that one title is in yellow and the other in grey – this way the title is much clearer and the audience can read it with ease. I removed the text placed at the very bottom of the magazines as these held no importance or purpose and are not a convention of magazine adverts. Instead, I added the names of each character from the title track’s music video as this is a convention for K-Pop ‘teasers’.

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12th February 2018

Today I finished editing my magazine adverts and my digipak. This did not take a long time as I knew what areas I had to improve on through the audience feedback I had received. Once I finished editing my magazine adverts , I exported them as PDF files and uploaded them on ISSUU. My digipak was saved as PNG files and uploaded onto WordPress by presenting them in square tiles. I am happy with my final products and think I have successfully tackled the issues raised in the feedback. I also managed to edit the footage for the two choruses of my music video – I kept pushing this back as I found it difficult to edit the footage during the choruses as the song builds up in tempo. I used similar footage and cut them up so that I could use them at different parts as I was worried I didn’t have enough footage to use for the entire video. I added a glitch effect to two of the scenes in the music video and watched a YouTube tutorial to create my own glitches. This was much easier to do than I initially thought and I am satisfied with the end result.